Terms and conditions

  1. Terms & Conditions of Trade

  2. Definitions

  3. We”, “TLC” and “the Company” refer to Top Lines Catering Supplies Limited. “You”, “the Customer” refers to any business, individual or other legal entity who places an order from TLC. “The Goods” refers to any products sold or delivered to the Customer by the Company.

  4. Terms and conditions

  5. These terms and conditions fall under the jurisdiction of English law. This document as provided at the point of trade supersede any other terms and conditions unless agreed in writing by the Company.

  6. Order process

    1. By placing an order, the Customer is entering into a contract with TLC on the basis of this the Terms and Conditions of Trade (this document) which is binding once the order is confirmed, either verbally or in writing.

    2. TLC agrees to supply the products in a confirmed sales order ordered at the agreed prices.

    3. The Customer agrees to buy the products in a confirmed sales order at the agrees prices.

    4. All orders are subject to stock availability. If a product is unavailable, we may offer an alternative. The Customer may reject this alternative and will not be charged.

    5. The company reserves the right not to confirm an order.

  7. Delivery

    1. TLC offers delivery to a wide range of locations and always tries to be flexible with delivery dates and times. We can only serve some areas on certain days, please contact us for accurate information.

    2. The Customer is welcome to request a preferred delivery time however TLC cannot guarantee precise times for deliveries.

    3. TLC cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused during delivery which is beyond the Company's control.

    4. Deliveries will be made to the address as requested by the customer provided that address is reasonably accessible by the Company's vehicles.

    5. The Customer provides that he or his nominated agent be available to accept delivery of the Goods and provide a signature, unless by prior agreement from the Company.

    6. TLC employees will make reasonable effort to deliver Goods to the Customer's storage facility provided this is at ground level. The Company regrets that its employees are not insured to carry Goods up or down stairs.

    7. Discrepancies between Goods delivered and delivery documents must be noted by the Customer at the point of delivery and countersigned by the driver. We are unable to offer credit where shortages have not been recorded appropriately.

    8. In the event of a failed delivery, the company may seek to recover costs from the Customer as appropriate.

    9. Abuse of TLC employees will not be tolerated and the Company reserves the right not to serve any customer deemed to be abusive.

  8. Price

    1. Prices shown in marketing materials are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed free of errors or omissions.

    2. We reserve the right to change prices and product specifications according to market conditions or for any other reason.

    3. The company provides to notify customers of accurate pricing before confirming an order.

    4. Promotional discounts may be offered based on minimum purchase quantities.

    5. Prices shown in printed marketing materials or quoted verbally may not include VAT (where applicable) at the prevailing rate.

  9. Payment

    1. Payment is due on delivery for all orders, unless by prior agreement of the Company.

    2. The Customer agrees to pay invoices in full on delivery by cash or card (using the phone). Cheques may be accepted at the discretion of the Company's management.

    3. The Company reserves the right to charge statutory interest on late payments (currently 8% above the Bank of England base rate) according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act of 1998.

    4. In the event that a cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, the Company will impose an unpaid cheque fee of £25 per cheque.

    5. The title of any and all Goods delivered by TLC to the Customer remains with the Company until such a time as related invoices are settled in full and signed by a representative of the Company.

    6. Until this point:

      1. The Customer is responsible for any risk of loss or damage to the Goods whilst in his possession.

      2. The Company reserves the right to require delivery of the Goods to the Company's premises in lieu of payment of an overdue invoice.

      3. The Company reserves the right to enter the Customer's premises to repossess Goods that are title of the Company in lieu of payment of an overdue invoice.

  10. Warranties

  11. TLC warrants that all products are compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements.

  12. Returns

    1. We are happy to refund or exchange any product as appropriate where (i) the product has been delivered in error; (ii) the product has been sold in error; (iii) there is a problem with the product.

    2. Refunds and exchanges for other reasons will be considered at TLC's discretion.

    3. Frozen or chilled Goods will only be considered for refund if they have been stored appropriately. This does not affect your statutory rights.

  13. Data protection

  14. In order to fulfil our service to you, we may keep data about you and your business, including but not limited to your business address and your mobile phone number. All data is held within the restrictions of the law. We may contact you for sales and marketing purposes, for example to take your order. If you would prefer not to be contacted directly, please let us know.